Live Online Training Details

  • Start Date 06/17/2019
  • Start Time 09:40 AM
  • End Date 06/22/2019
  • End Time 04:00 PM
  • Location MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune

FDP Description.

MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune Organizes One-week Faculty Development Programme (FDP-2019)
On  “Machine Learning & Deep Learning Techniques” (17th – 22nd June, 2019)

The objective of the FDP is to introduce fundamentals of data mining and machine learning techniques with their real-time applications. Overall, this FDP is serving to be a great platform for faculty and researchers to upgrade their knowledge in the area of ML Deep learning, computer vision and its applications.

FDP on Machine Learning, Deep Learning techniques are concerned with Data the analysis, design and development of methods for the classification or description of patterns, objects, signals and processes.


  • Image identification and Classification using Machine Learning
  • Google stock price prediction using Deep Learning
  • Modern Face Recognition with Deep Learning
  • Develop a predictive analytics model for a complex data set
  • Deep Learning for recognizing handwritten digits (MNISTdataset)
  • Simple Spam-Detecting Deep Learning Classifier
  • Case Study: Character Recognition
  • Case Study: Iris Clustering,

Key Benefits

  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.
  • One-week Certificate of Participation by Eduxlabs in Association with NSS IIT Roorkee
  • Project-based learning on Machine Learning & Deep Learning

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