Live Online Training Details

  • Start Date 08/29/2019
  • Start Time 09:40 AM
  • End Date 08/30/2019
  • End Time 03:00 PM
  • Location VIGNAN’s Institute of Engineering For Women, Visakhapatnam

Event Description.

The purpose of this training is to help build Drone project. Training will be provided with Drone kits and our Engineers will give you the knowledge to develop drone project from scratch. The majority of your time in the course will be spent on hands-on activities.

• Fabrication of Quad copter frame and its circuit

• Introduction to design and development of Multi Rotor Vehicles

• Understanding the Electronics circuitry involved in Quad copter

• The working of accelerometer sensors, gyroscopes and controllers

• Hands-on with DC motors, electronic speed controllers board

• Calibration and Testing of the developed Quad copter

• Quad copter Flying using Radio Control