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  • Duration 5 day
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Course Details 

This five days course will show how to use your Arduino to control a robot while providing step-by-step instructions on the entire robot building process. Participants will learn Arduino basics & advance as well as the characteristics of different types of motors & sensors used in robotics. Participant also discovers controller methods and failsafe methods and learn how to apply them to your project. The course starts with basic robots and moves into more complex Robotics projects.

Robotics Projects to covered

Participants will learn to build following Robotics projects in 5-days

  • Learn how to build motor controllers
  • Learn how to build Line Follower Robot
  • Learn how to build Obstacle Avoider Robot
  • Learn how to build Mobile Controlled Robot
  • Learn how to build Maze Solver Robot
  • Learn how to build Gesture Controlled Robot

Free Arduino Robotic Training kit

  • Free Arduino Robotics kits will be provided to each Team of 5 members. So Participants can build robotics
  • projects.Arduino Uno
  • USB-UART Cable
  • L239D Motor Driver Circuit
  • All ICs and IC Holders
  • DC Motors
  • Wheels for Motors
  • IR Sensors
  • DTMF encoder decoder module
  • Audio jack
  • Accelerometer ADXL335 Sensor
  • RF Tx-Rx Module
  • Chassis
  • U Clamps
  • Wheels for Motors
  • Other miscellaneous items

Training Duration

Minimum five days (6hour each day)

Requirements for Training program

  • Seminar hall/classroom having enough capacity to conduct hands-on-session for all.
  • Good Quality public address system ideally two cordless mic will be required.
  • Projector/ Screen along with black/whiteboard for teaching and presentation purposes.
  • One small stereo jack cord to in laptop for its sound system.
  • The training centre can only be arranged for a minimum of 50 Attendees.
  • Hospitality to two training expert.

Training Charges

Five days Training charges is Rs.3000/-per attendee.

  • Fee Includes Free Robotics Kit to each Team of 5 members, Training certificate,

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