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Machine Learning & Its Applications

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About FDP On Machine Learning & Its Applications

The one-week FDP on machine learning aims to introduce the fundamentals of machine learning techniques. However, FDP Training will be based on their real-time applications. Overall, this FDP ML is serving to be a great platform for faculty and researchers.

One-week FDP Machine Learning training provides a close summary of Machine Learning topics such as: exploitation period of time information, making algorithms exploitation totally different cubic centimeter techniques, Regression, Classification, and statistic Modelling. This Machine Learning training covers the foremost fashionable and widely used Deep Learning technologies and their applications, further as language process, thus, paving the means for a solid foundation of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Course Outlines

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Find out where Machine Learning is applied in Technology and Science.
  • Introduction to supervised learning.
  • Types of supervised learning
  •  Introduction to regression, simple linear regression, multiple linear regression
  • Explanation of classification, tree-based classification.
  •  Implementing a decision tree from scratch in Python
  • Introduction to probabilistic classifiers & understanding Naïve Bayes.
  • Types of unsupervised learning
  • Identify the difference between Unsupervised Learning and Supervised Learning.
  • Working with Deep Learning with neural networks.

Machine Learning Training Projects

  • Insurance Cost Prediction (Linear Regression)
  • Diabetes Classification (Logistic Regression)
  • Customer Churn Classification
  • Stock Prices Predictor
  • MNIST Handwritten Digit Classification
  • Social Media Sentiment Analysis using Twitter Dataset
  • Iris Flowers Classification
  • Learn to build Recommender Systems with Movielens Dataset
  • Housing Prices Prediction Project

Participants benefits

  • Learn with Industry specialists having broad industry experience.
  • Participants will get an FDP training certificate.
  • Project-based hand-on training on ML & Deep learning techniques.

Participants Eligibility

The program is open to the Faculty/ Research Scholars/ Students of science & Engineering institutes and other working professionals are also, eligible.

Requirements for FDP

  • FDP training center can only be arranged for a minimum of 50 Attendees.
  • Seminar hall/Computer lab having enough capacity to conduct hands-on-session for all participants.
  • 5-Days Accommodation for a  training expert.
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