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AWS Cloud Computing

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About Five Days FDP On AWS Cloud Computing

The objective of Five Days FDP On AWS is to introduce AWS Cloud, IAM, Lambda, Redshift, EC2, S3, CloudTrail and  etc.  Moreover, Participants will work on various tools of AWS cloud platform and create SaaS applications that are highly scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant, etc.

Overall, this training is serving to be a great platform for faculty, students and researchers to upgrade their knowledge in the area of AWS Cloud Computing and its tools.

FDP Training Outcomes

  • To explain efficient design and deployment of the AWS system
  • Cost-evaluation and cost-control mechanisms
  • Elastic Load Balancing on multiple EC2 instances
  • In detail Data ingress and egress on AWS
  • Identifying relevant and suitable uses of AWS architecture
  • Lift and shift mechanism of AWS on-premises applications
  • Determining right AWS based on computational, database and security needs

FDP Course Outlines

Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Service & Deployment Models
  • how AWS is the leader in the cloud domain
  • various cloud computing products offered by AWS,
  • introduction to AWS S3, EC2, VPC, EBS, ELB, AMI,
  • understanding of the AWS architecture and the AWS Management Console
  • virtualization in AWS
  • Setting up of AWS account,
  • how to launch an EC2 instance,
  • the process of hosting a website
  • launching a Linux Virtual Machine using an AWS EC2 instance.
Elastic Compute and Storage Volumes
  • demonstrating how to launch an AWS EC2
  • creating an AMI of the launched instance
  • copying the AMI to another region
  • creating an EBS volume
  • attaching the EBS volume with an instance
  • taking backup of an EBS volume
  • creating an EFS volume and mounting the EFS volume to two instances
Load Balancing, Autoscaling, and DNS
  • How to Create a Classic ELB
  • creating an Application ELB
  • How to Create an auto-scaling group
  • configuring an auto-scaling group
  • integrating ELB with Auto Scaling
  • redirect traffic from domain name to ELB using Route 53
Virtual Private Cloud
  • Creating a VPC and subnets
  • creating a 3 Tier architecture with security groups
  • Internet gateway and NAT gateway
  • creating a complete VPC architecture.
Storage – Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Creating an S3 bucket
  • uploading objects to the S3 bucket
  • enabling object versioning in the S3 bucket
  • setting up lifecycle management for only a few objects
  • setting up lifecycle management for all objects with the same tag
  • static website hosting using S3.
Other Important topics
  • Databases and In-Memory DataStores
  • databases on AWS
  • Management and Application Services
  • Introduction to CloudFormation
  • Introduction to Simple Email Service
  • how does SES work,
  • Introduction to Simple Queue Service,
  • how does SQS work.
  • Automation and Configuration management
  • Access Management and Monitoring Services

Participants benefits

  • Learn with Industry specialists having broad industry experience.
  • Participants will get an FDP training certificate.
  • Project-based hand-on training on ML & Deep learning techniques.

Participants Eligibility

The program is open to the Faculty, Research Scholar and Students of science & Engineering institutes and other working professionals are also, eligible.

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