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Biped walking Robot workshop

16 hours
All levels
11 lessons
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50 students

Two days Biped walking Robot workshop

Learn to build a two-legged robot or a biped walking robot that will have four degrees of freedom with a foot and mimic the walking action of humans.
learn about Arduino architecture & its programming, working of the servo motors: which acts as actuators & the programming logic behind the human’s walking action.

Two Days workshop Course Outlines

  • Introduction of different type of robots & Its Applications
  • Assembling the structure of Biped Robot.
  • Learn to code to¬† Arduino robotics programming.
  • Hands-on session with Servo motors.
  • Hands-on of Biped robot and Testing.
  • Certificates distribution.

Biped Robot Hands-on session

  • Working with to Servo Motors, Embedded systems & Microcontroller
  • Learn to design and development of Biped robot
  • Introduction the Electronics circuit involved in Biped.
  • Learn Arduino Architecture and its programming.
  • Learn Programming of Biped according to human’s walking strategy.

Biped Robot Kit Components

  • Arduino Uno
  • Servo Motors
  • Servo Extender Cables
  • USB to UART Cable
  • Barrel Connector
  • Battery Connector
  • Multipurpose Servo Brackets
  • Metal U Clamps
  • Metal L Clamps
  • Robot Feet
  • 1 pin Connectors
  • Screwdrivers

All mentioned kit Components will be be provided during the workshop into each team of 5 members.

Who can attend?

  • Anyone interested in Robotics, Humanoid Robotics, Arduino Programming, Industrial Robotics can participate in this workshop.
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