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  • $20.00

    Gesture Based Robotics

    About Gesture Robotics Gesture Based Robotics (also known as Accelerometer Controlled Robotics) deals with robots which involve human-machine interaction – where a robot is controlled through hand movements…

  • $20.00

    Build Walking Robot

    Course Details learn to build a two legged robot or a biped walking robot which will have six degrees of freedom with a hip, knee & foot and…

  • $20.00

    Mobile Controlled Robotics

    Course Details This course covers various concepts of mobile communication and microcontroller programming, necessary for the development of a mobile controlled robot DTMF stands for “Dual tone multiple…

  • $20.00

    QuadCopter Development

    Course Details Quadcopter is a rotary-wing aircraft with four rotors which has marked its interests for the benefit of both civil and military domains. It’s amazing manoeuvrability and…